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Providing Exceptional And Thorough Nurse Life Care Planning And Nurse Consulting Services

Case Management | Home Assessments | Medical Consulting

  • 70-100% Disability cases
  • Catastrophic cases
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Failed back syndrome
  • CRPS (RSD) cases
  • Head/Brain Injury cases
  • Extreme medication usage cases
  • Ongoing, involved medical treatment cases
  • Multiple body part cases

  • Assess Medical Status for functional needs/limitations
  • Home Modification Assessments regarding home renovations
  • Health assessment for Home Health or other Activities of Daily Living Needs
  • Recommendations with reporting

  • Performing a nursing assessment of the home health needs of an injured person
  • Preparation of a home health report outlining the abilities and disabilities of the injured person
  • Exceptional experience and reporting

  • Catastrophic Case Management
  • Long-term Case Management
  • Seasoned Case Managers
  • Assist with implementing medical care needs / LCP recommendations

  • "Mini" Life Care Plans
  • Simplified Life Care Plans based on limited medical records
  • An overview of current and future medical care needs and costs
  • Cost effective means of obtaining an estimated cost of a case
  • Reserve setting for claims examiners/ adjusters
  • Can be transformed into a Life Care Plan at a later date
  • Estimate and/or assessment based on limited medical information

  • Medicare Set-Aside Allocation reports for settlement and CMS
  • Submission to CMS for approval of allocation
  • An overview of current and future medical care needs and costs
  • Savings when performing a Life Care Plan and a MSA (as medical records reviewed once)

  • Assist with identifying medical needs and/or deficits of care
  • Assisting with medical issues in legal cases regarding hospital or nursing care
  • Assist with issues of tampering, standards of care, negligence or recklessness
  • Medical Records Review with recommendations
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